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    Villa Fethiye TINY house with fully sheltered private pool in Fethiye Kayaköy. Our villa with a green garden is in Fethiye, one of the most preferred holiday spots. Fethiye holiday homes are a suitable option for you for a quiet holiday away from the crowd and noise of the city. One of the biggest reasons why TINY HOUSE houses are preferred is that people want to escape from the hustle and bustle of big hotels. Tiny Panda is designed for a quiet holiday away from the crowd and noise of the city. Kayakoy has taken its place as a special place for couples with 1 double bed, a sympathetic living area, private garden and pool for you. Our Tiny Villa, which is in great demand for honeymoon holidays, promises you a holiday that will not be erased from your memories.In your bed, when you first open your eyes, you will see the historical Ghost City Kayaköy houses with an uninterrupted view. Romantic evenings in your fire pit in your garden are waiting for you in Kayaköy rental house.

       General Features

    • m2 Size: 30 m2
    • Capacity: 2 Person
    • Room: 1 Room
    • Bed: 1 Bed
    • Bathroom: 1 Bathroom
    • Pool: Private

       Property Features

    • 24 Hour Assistance
    • Outdoor Free Parking
    • Suitable For Families
    • Key Delivery
    • Private Garden
    • Balcony
    • Pier Glass
    • Dishwasher
    • Washing machine
    • Tea Kettle
    • Double Bed
    • Smoke Detector
    • Shower
    • Bread Toaster
    • Hand and Bath Towels
    • Dress Hanger
    • Dress Cabinet
    • First Aid Kit
    • Internet Free
    • Air Conditioning
    • Barbecue
    • Microwave Oven
    • Minibar
    • Cooking Utensils
    • Stove
    • Private Parking
    • Hair Dryer
    • Sunbed
    • No Smoking
    • Swatter
    • Kettle
    • Terrace
    • Iron & Iron Table
    • Fire Extinguisher
    • Dinner Table

       Area Features

    • Shopping Mall
    • Car Parking
    • Horse Tour
    • Aquapark
    • Fishing
    • Bar
    • Bicycle Track
    • Scuba Diving
    • Hairdresser
    • Market
    • Museum
    • Market / Shopping
    • Picnic Area
    • Beach
    • Restaurant
    • Boat Tour
    • Trekking
    • Turkish Bath
    • Paragliding


    • Not suitable for wheelchair access.
    • Passport or ID should be declared during checkin.
    • Please show respect to neighbors and keep the loud in minimum.
    • Extra guests are not allowed.
    • Not suitable for party or organizations.
    • It is imperative to comply with the site/complex rules.
    • Smoking is not allowed.

       Cancellation Policy

    • Super Strict

       Terms & Conditions

    • Check In: 15:00
    • Check Out: 11:00
    • Minimum Days: 5 nights


    • Deposit: 50 GBP
    • Cleaning Fee: 0 GBP
    • Electric Usage: Included
    • Water Usage: Included
    • Weekly Discount: % 0
    • Monthly Discount: % 10

       City, District

    • Distance to Beach: 2km
    • Distance to Airport: 55 km
    • Distance to Centrum: 7KM
    • Distance to Shopping Center: 7KM
    • Close Towns: HISARONU MAH
    • Close Marinas: FETHIYE MARINA

       Area Information

    8 km from Fethiye. The history of Kayaköy, which is located in the south and known as Karmylassos in the Ancient Period, dates back to 3rd century BC according to philological data. Although it goes back to thousands of years, the finds that go back to the existing remains from the 4th century BC have not been found yet.

    Charles Fellows, one of the many travelers who visited Teke Peninsula in the 18th and 19th centuries, defined Gemiler Island south of Kayaköy as Karmylassos. However, when compared with the descriptions of the ancient writer Strabo, it is clearly understood that this definition is not correct.The city has taken on the appearance of a ghost city after the wooden door, window and top cover systems of the structures in the city, which were evacuated as a result of the rights granted to minorities in the late Ottoman Empire, were destroyed by natural factors.

    In the abandoned city, there are 350 to 400 residences, each of which is not larger than 50 m2 in terms of view and light, which do not block each other in terms of view and light, generally with two floors, the lower floors of which are cellars, and underground cisterns on the roof where the rain water is collected at the entrance. In addition to the residences, there are many chapels, 2 large churches, 1 school building and 1 customs house scattered between the houses.Churches are at the forefront of the structures that offer visuality to the visitors in the settlement. Upper Church, whose original name was Taksiyarhis, was established on a dominant hill near the middle of the settlement. Surrounded by high walls, the atrium is covered with a geometric patterned mosaic floor made of black and white pebbles. The church, which was generally built using crushed and smoothed stones and lime mortar, is covered with a thick pink plaster on the outside. Door and window frames are covered with marble. Under a part of the three-arched narthex, there is a cistern filled with rubble. The entrance to the single-nave building is provided by doors shifted to the west in the south direction and opening from the narthex.

    Located on the western border of the settlement, the Lower Church, whose original name was Panayia Pirgiotissa, has survived to the present day with better preservation. The most important factor in its preservation is that the building was used as a mosque until the 1960s. The garden of the church, which is surrounded by high walls, is entered through the door in the east. There is a bell tower in the south-east corner of the garden and a small cemetery in the north-east. The Atrium is covered with mosaics made of pebbles, just like the Upper Church. Unfortunately, not all of them have reached today. The three-stepped bench adjacent to the garden wall from the south was built for the sitting of visitors during religious ceremonies.Apart from the churches, two separate school buildings form the other group of common structures of the settlement. In Levissi, where girls and boys receive separate education, the Girls\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' School is located on the hill just above the Turabi Fountain, and the Boys\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' School is located on the top of the hill to the north-west of the Upper Church. According to an inscription found here, it is stated that the building was built by the Levisidi Brothers. The language of instruction was Greek in only primary schools. Students were sent to Rhodes, Athens and Istanbul for higher education.

    Another group of structures that can be identified in Levissi is windmills. Located on the ridge south of the settlement, about 100 meters west of the West Chapel, the windmill is open to sea winds. The other windmill is located at the summit of Değirmentepe, to the south-west of the Rock Pit. Of the round-planned windmills, which are two-storey inside, only the main walls have survived to the present day.

    The empty area in the northern part of the Upper Church and its surroundings constitute the commercial area of ​​the city. Although the buildings cannot be fully identified today, it is known that there were shops such as coffee shops, butchers, greengrocers, grocers, and fabric shops when they were used.


    Kayakoy Fethiye Opposite the (Old Water) ancient fountain Relish

       Close Airports

    • DLM Dalaman Airport


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